Andrew Peterson – Songwriter & Storyteller with a new album, “Light for the Lost Boy” (@AndrewPeterson)

Andrew Peterson

On my birthday during my Freshman year in college, one of my best friends Adam handed me a CD as a present. Adam, one of the best djembe players in the ‘verse, and I had been all over the world leading worship and sharing music with folks, so I knew this was going to be something good. And it was. The album was “Clear to Venus” by Andrew Peterson.

Peterson is a songwriter, but he is much more than that. He is a storyteller. His songs are for every audience an inspired by God, love and life. He is also a talented author and all-around creative person. You can see more about Andrew and his works at

Peterson’s music has been something I’ve always enjoyed throughout the years, and his latest album was released today, “Light for the Lost Boy.” Lyrically it is masterful, and demonstrates Peterson’s continued excellence at his art of writing.

Musically the album has developed more of an edge, but has stayed true to the core of who Peterson is. Personally, it has been one of my favourites he has released. The production is excellent and will again please any audience and ear.

One of the greatest strengths of Andrew Peterson’s music is the hope that it brings. Life is difficult for us all, but God’s grace and love carries us through into fields of green. On this latest album, songs like “Rest Easy” and “You’ll Find Your Way” push you to not give up even when all seems lost.

Great songs, great stories, and great music await you with Andrew Peterson. Check out his latest album on iTunes ( or you can also go to his website for different packages, including vinyl!

Grace and peace,