Trace Bundy: The Acoustic Ninja // New Album, “Elephant King” @tracebundy

A few years ago, a friend of mine showed me a video on this acoustic guitar forum of a guy playing guitar. He wasn’t singing. He wasn’t standing. He wasn’t even playing.

He was fighting. He was fighting the guitar – and winning. This was when I first saw Trace Bundy. I was so amazed at his incredible skill and creativity and ninja abilities on the guitar. Being an acoustic lover, this was a great day for me.

Going online I bought his album/DVD combo, “Adapt.” I also sent him an email saying how much I enjoyed his work. Later on we got in contact and I was privileged to organize a show for him in Ada, OK, which I will always be grateful for.

Not only is Trace an amazing and creative guitar player, but he also is a stand up guy with a real heart for helping people. He has traveled and shared his music all over the world, and worked with several charities and groups.

His love for God, his family, and others is part of what makes his art genuine and captivating.

Here is the video that I first saw of his song, “Dueling Ninjas.”

Trace has several projects, including some great Christmas tunes, which appeal to any age and any audience. You can see more about Trace at Your support for him and his art is something I would highly recommend and hope that you would recommend to others.

Trace has a brand new album being released May 1, 2012 entitled “Elephant King.” From the samples he has shared, it is clear that the creativity and ninjauity being put into this project has taken on a whole new level. As time moves on, Trace’s songs and art continues to grow and captivate.

You can order Elephant King here:

Here is a sampler clip from Elephant King:

I’m thankful for Trace, his music, his friendship, and for introducing me to Chacos. He has been an inspiration and someone that my family and I love to listen to.

Thank you for taking time to read this, and I hope you enjoy Trace Bundy’s music and mastery of the acoustic ninja skill.

Here is also a video of Trace doing a version of my favourite song of all time, “Where the Streets Have No Name,” by U2.