Chord Charts for Psalm 23, No Other, Nothing Here or Yet To Come

IMG_5198Wow what a week! Last week we led worship for Falls Creek Week 1 and had a blast. Such a wonderful experience getting to worship with so many.

Many are asking about the chord charts to our original songs, so I thought I’d post them here.

Psalm 23: Psalm 23 (D)

Nothing Here or Yet to Come: Nothing Here or Yet To Come

No Other: No Other (Bb)

You can listen to all these at or look them up on iTunes.



Singing Seems to Help a Troubled Soul – New Album, Feb. 1

Album cover by Emily Sloan

Album cover by Emily Sloan

I love Johnny Cash songs. It may sound cliche, but I really do. Ever since I heard “Walk the Line” on the radio years ago, I was hooked. He had an incredible way of writing lyrics that painted a real story that you could believe in. Interestingly enough, no many people know that he wrote more gospel songs than any other genre, and he even earned a Bible degree via correspondence while he was making music.

Every Cash fan has his or her favourite song, but mine has always been Daddy Sang Bass.” This song tells the story of growing up during the Great Depression, the hard work, and singing together on the front porch.

The chorus goes:
Daddy sang bass, mama sang tenor,
me and little brother joined right in there,
Cuz singing seems to help a troubled soul

That line, singing seems to help a troubled soul, has always captivated me. How true is that? King David knew this, and the psalms he wrote reflected this. In churches all over the world, people are incredibly passionate about the music sung every week. In my life, there is no other feeling than when I can sing my heart out, especially when I get to sing my heart to Christ who saved me.


Photo by Shelby Hurst

In just a few days, I have the privilege of releasing my second album, “Singing Seems to Help a Troubled Soul.” This a huge honor, and I am extremely grateful to Cedric Hardimon & Church Boy Entertainment for the support and funding behind this project and for supporting me as an artist on the label. Thank you also to Dustin Ragland for your brilliant work on helping produce this album and your encouragement along the way.

Preparing for this album, I was looking for a thread to tie it all together. Over the past few years, I had been writing songs, and the few favourites made it to the recording, but I had no idea what to name the album. I loved this Cash lyric, but I didn’t have a song called that. So, I wrote one. It’s the first track on the album.

“Singing Seems To Help a Troubled Soul” is a short song about the challenges of life but the light of God shining through through the melodies and chords of His song. I even invited a group of my friends to sing on the chorus with me.

Truthfully, all of these songs deal with singing and the troubled soul. Every song I wrote came out of times in my life when I was longing for God’s song in my heart. And I hope that they minister to your heart as well.

Photo by Ethan Hickerson

Photo by Ethan Hickerson

There are several friends who sang with me on this album, including Robbie Seay, a worship leader and artist from Houston, TX, who sang on “Psalm 23,” Aaron Boyd sang on “Nothing Here or Yet to Come,” and he is from the band Bluetree who hails from Belfast, Northern Ireland. CedEnough, artist and CEO of Church Boy Entertainment, adds his talents to “Goodbye Yesterday,” and Laura Medcalf, a long time friend with an amazing voice joined me on “Love Has Come For Us.” A group of my friends sang on the first, third, and final songs on the album, and I was also excited to have my wife Courtney sing with me on “Walk With Me.”

The album releases on iTunes on February 1, and CDs will be available at the CD release at First Baptist Church in Chickasha on Sunday night, February 9, at 6:00pm. They will only be $5, and I will include an Irish jig for free. Please join us – we are not just singing songs but we are seeking to share the Gospel as well.

Over the next several weeks I will be releasing some blogs to talk about each song, so you can hear the heart behind the music. I’m a firm believer in my calling to be a minister and pastor to people, and the songs God gives me are a big part of that. You can watch tv or look in a music store and see plenty of songwriters, and I do not want to be just another one in the list. I want my songs to make a difference and have a purpose.

Thank you to all of you who have supported me through the years, my wonderful family, and to Jesus for giving me a reason to sing.

Thank you to Philip Sullivan (AKA Captain Awesome) for designing the album art, to Emily Sloan for the awesome album cover, and to Shelby Hurst and Ethan Hickerson for taking photos.

Photo by Shelby Hurst

Photo by Shelby Hurst

Also, thank you to Dustin Ragland for the drums, bass, and production on the album. Ethan Hickerson rocked the electric guitars, Kyle Forgety brought the banjo heat, and Laura Medcalf had brilliant background vocals.

And THANK YOU for listening and your support. To help this project keep going, and to help us make more in the future, there are a few things you can do to be a part:

Buy the album – Feb. 1 on iTunes or in person after Feb. 9. You could do both!
Share – It’s always more fun to share with everyone. Tell others about the music, buy them a CD, write tweets and Facebook posts! Anyway to spread the word helps so much.
Have us come play for you! I would love to come share some songs with you. We don’t eat much, are a lot of fun, and I’m just kidding we eat a lot.
Pray for us and our families.

For more info about Church Boy Entertainment, you can visit

Andrew Peterson – Songwriter & Storyteller with a new album, “Light for the Lost Boy” (@AndrewPeterson)

Andrew Peterson

On my birthday during my Freshman year in college, one of my best friends Adam handed me a CD as a present. Adam, one of the best djembe players in the ‘verse, and I had been all over the world leading worship and sharing music with folks, so I knew this was going to be something good. And it was. The album was “Clear to Venus” by Andrew Peterson.

Peterson is a songwriter, but he is much more than that. He is a storyteller. His songs are for every audience an inspired by God, love and life. He is also a talented author and all-around creative person. You can see more about Andrew and his works at

Peterson’s music has been something I’ve always enjoyed throughout the years, and his latest album was released today, “Light for the Lost Boy.” Lyrically it is masterful, and demonstrates Peterson’s continued excellence at his art of writing.

Musically the album has developed more of an edge, but has stayed true to the core of who Peterson is. Personally, it has been one of my favourites he has released. The production is excellent and will again please any audience and ear.

One of the greatest strengths of Andrew Peterson’s music is the hope that it brings. Life is difficult for us all, but God’s grace and love carries us through into fields of green. On this latest album, songs like “Rest Easy” and “You’ll Find Your Way” push you to not give up even when all seems lost.

Great songs, great stories, and great music await you with Andrew Peterson. Check out his latest album on iTunes ( or you can also go to his website for different packages, including vinyl!

Grace and peace,


Trace Bundy: The Acoustic Ninja // New Album, “Elephant King” @tracebundy

A few years ago, a friend of mine showed me a video on this acoustic guitar forum of a guy playing guitar. He wasn’t singing. He wasn’t standing. He wasn’t even playing.

He was fighting. He was fighting the guitar – and winning. This was when I first saw Trace Bundy. I was so amazed at his incredible skill and creativity and ninja abilities on the guitar. Being an acoustic lover, this was a great day for me.

Going online I bought his album/DVD combo, “Adapt.” I also sent him an email saying how much I enjoyed his work. Later on we got in contact and I was privileged to organize a show for him in Ada, OK, which I will always be grateful for.

Not only is Trace an amazing and creative guitar player, but he also is a stand up guy with a real heart for helping people. He has traveled and shared his music all over the world, and worked with several charities and groups.

His love for God, his family, and others is part of what makes his art genuine and captivating.

Here is the video that I first saw of his song, “Dueling Ninjas.”

Trace has several projects, including some great Christmas tunes, which appeal to any age and any audience. You can see more about Trace at Your support for him and his art is something I would highly recommend and hope that you would recommend to others.

Trace has a brand new album being released May 1, 2012 entitled “Elephant King.” From the samples he has shared, it is clear that the creativity and ninjauity being put into this project has taken on a whole new level. As time moves on, Trace’s songs and art continues to grow and captivate.

You can order Elephant King here:

Here is a sampler clip from Elephant King:

I’m thankful for Trace, his music, his friendship, and for introducing me to Chacos. He has been an inspiration and someone that my family and I love to listen to.

Thank you for taking time to read this, and I hope you enjoy Trace Bundy’s music and mastery of the acoustic ninja skill.

Here is also a video of Trace doing a version of my favourite song of all time, “Where the Streets Have No Name,” by U2.

If the Devil Wants to Come For Me, I Will Tell Him To His Face, “You Can Have My Body But You Cannot Have My Soul!” – Robbie Seay (@robbieseay)

This week is a crazy, awesome week. Some in the realm of church call it Holy Week, others just know it as Easter weekend, with some even including Good Friday. We celebrate this week and weekend in so many different ways. Today I wanted to share a song and a celebration with you as part of what Easter means.

One songwriter and musician I have really looked up to over the years was Robbie Seay. He’s from the Houston area and deeply connected to the local church. For several years he has been one of the leaders of Ecclesia, a great church in the heart of Houston (

What’s great about Robbie is that his songs and ministry come out of serving in the body of Christ. He’s not just out there trying to make a name for himself by writing songs. What he writes comes from the joys and pains of serving the Lord.

His latest album, “Rich and Poor,” released last fall, and has one of my favorite songs that I have ever heard called, “Cannot Have My Soul.” It’s a song about the pain of dying coupled with the joy of living forever with Christ. The chorus goes:

And if the devil wants to come for me
I will tell him to his face
You can have my body but you cannot have my soul
In the Heavens I will be
Singing songs of hallelujah
You can have my body but you cannot have my soul
No, you cannot have my soul

These few weeks around Easter our church has been focusing on the Resurrection, and why it is so important to us. Our pastor Michael has been preaching from 1 Corinthians 15, which is an amazing chapter.

When I hear this song by Robbie Seay, it brings me so much hope. It really makes me think of the joy of the Resurrection. One day these old broken bodies will be a distant memory as we are found in Christ in a body the way it was supposed to be. We’ll see our loved ones again. We will see our Savior and that unimaginable Love face to face.

Peter wrote great words in his letter of 1 Peter that shows our hope because of Christ’s Resurrection. 1 Peter 1:3-5 says,

“Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! According to His great mercy, He has caused us to be born again to a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, to an inheritance that is imperishable, undefiled, and unfading, kept in Heaven for you, who by God’s power are being guarded through faith for a salvation ready to be revealed in the last time.”

May you take joy this week because we have a hope that is alive! Through what Jesus did through the Cross and Resurrection, we have a true reason to celebrate. May we never forget this, and may we never lose sight of our true hope.

You can see more of Robbie’s album “Rich and Poor” on iTunes here:

Here is a video of “Cannot Have My Soul”

I’m a soul
With a body of my own
And there’s a time I’ll lay this body down

When I go
They’ll mourn for what is lost
They’ll rejoice for what is found

And if the devil wants to come for me
I will tell him to his face
You can have my body but you cannot have my soul
In the Heavens I will be
Singing songs of hallelujah
You can have my body but you cannot have my soul
No, you cannot have my soul

I can go
I can live beyond these bones
I can walk the streets of gold

Oh let me go, let me go
Let me live and breathe again
In the place that I have longed to know

And if the devil wants to come for me
I will tell him to his face
You can have my body but you cannot have my soul
In the Heavens I will be
Singing songs of hallelujah
You can have my body but you cannot have my soul

Oh, you cannot have my soul
No, you cannot have my soul, no
Singing songs of hallelujah
Oh, songs of hallelujah

Oh, you cannot have my soul

Won’t stop living
In your arms I’ll be
Living in the hope you leave
I’ll stop living in fear, you see
Living in the hope you leave

CedEnough, Denver Duncan, & Church Boy Entertainment present Sound Society

Today I would like to tell you about some more great music made by some great people: my friends CedEnough and Denver Duncan.

CedEnough is Cedric Hardimon, an Oklahoma City native and the head of Church Boy Entertainment. CBE is not just a music label but a group of people trying to bring the Gospel to all. Since the first album release in 2004, Church Boy Entertainment has been committed to keeping Christ at the forefront of everything it does. They are devoted to producing high quality entertainment and building an expansive artist repertoire. The goal is to be highly influential in the entertainment industry as they continue to refine the earthly definition of Church Boy.

Ced has a powerful story of how God brought him through tragedy and triumph into a life of trying to change the world through music. In addition to being the CEO and an artist with Church Boy, Ced is also a chaplain for the NBA team OKC Thunder and the Outreach and Recreation Director at First Baptist in Moore, OK. You can see more of Ced’s story in a short documentary about him here:, you can also see more of Ced’s music on iTunes

Denver Duncan is one of the most talented musicians you will ever meet. Also an Oklahoman, Denver is the Worship Pastor at New Church in Oklahoma City and a very talented songwriter. You can find his projects on iTunes here:

Together, Ced and Denver make a great combo. This past January they released a short EP called “Sound Society,” which demonstrates a truly unique style of music that brings many genres into one collection of songs.

You can check out Sound Society on iTunes by clicking here: Also, next month Church Boy will be releasing a live worship recording featuring CedEnough, Denver, DJ Aslan, and even some songs by me.

The music may or not be your style, but the hearts for the mission span all ages and genres. We are trying to change the world through the songs we play. You can see more about CBE at

Thanks for reading, listening, and supporting us!

Jesus Healer by Bluetree (@bluetreeband)

I wanted to share this video of this new song from my friends from Belfast, Bluetree.

You may recognize them from the incredible song, “God of this City.”

Here is the official video for “Jesus Healer,” a song about Jesus being the ultimate answer to healing all the hurts in our lives, from salvation to sickness. Aaron Boyd, Bluetree frontman and songwriter has a very personal connection to this song with one of his daughters who has cystic fibrosis. As it is with all of Bluetree’s writing, their songs find us at the crossroads of God, life, and the Kingdom.

What I love about Bluetree is that worship for them is not about touring, making music, or just being musicians. Their focus is the local church and building up the Kingdom of God. You can see more about their church at

Last summer these guys asked me to lead worship with them at Super Summer, a dream come true for me because 1) Leading worship at Super Summer and 2) Worshipping with Irish brothers (my heart’s homeland!). They had never even heard me play or sing, but they asked me anyway. It was truly amazing. They are the most genuine and mission minded guys I know. Brilliant, great guys.

Enjoy, and may you worship along with Aaron and Bluetree, and watch for their new album, “Kingdom,” coming soon!