Jesus Healer by Bluetree (@bluetreeband)

I wanted to share this video of this new song from my friends from Belfast, Bluetree.

You may recognize them from the incredible song, “God of this City.”

Here is the official video for “Jesus Healer,” a song about Jesus being the ultimate answer to healing all the hurts in our lives, from salvation to sickness. Aaron Boyd, Bluetree frontman and songwriter has a very personal connection to this song with one of his daughters who has cystic fibrosis. As it is with all of Bluetree’s writing, their songs find us at the crossroads of God, life, and the Kingdom.

What I love about Bluetree is that worship for them is not about touring, making music, or just being musicians. Their focus is the local church and building up the Kingdom of God. You can see more about their church at

Last summer these guys asked me to lead worship with them at Super Summer, a dream come true for me because 1) Leading worship at Super Summer and 2) Worshipping with Irish brothers (my heart’s homeland!). They had never even heard me play or sing, but they asked me anyway. It was truly amazing. They are the most genuine and mission minded guys I know. Brilliant, great guys.

Enjoy, and may you worship along with Aaron and Bluetree, and watch for their new album, “Kingdom,” coming soon!


2 thoughts on “Jesus Healer by Bluetree (@bluetreeband)

    • Haha! Thanks Brooke! I miss you too! I took NT2 at the Denver campus this semester. Thank you for reading and for commenting. Hope you, your fam, and your ministry are going strong sis!

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